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Who We Are

The two founding members of Starling started out as NetSuite users.  They self-implemented their original instance back in 2007.  After going live they began exploring the capabilities of the platform and embarked on a mission to migrate all external processes into the same environment.  This included projects ranging from building a custom Employee Management System to inventory Economic Order Quantity (EOQ) calculation to Hazardous Material documentation to Quality Management.
In 2013 they completed their most ambitious task to date – the migration of a DOS-based service management program to the NetSuite cloud.  This was soon followed by a customer-accessible regulatory compliance portal and toolset to alleviate substantial reporting requirements for regional customers.  A short time later they developed a custom interface to support their new private equity partners.  This allowed local subsidiaries to import local accounting data from disparate systems, consolidate across multiple currencies and countries in NetSuite, and compile reporting through an integration with Adaptive Insights.
At the end of 2015 these partners started Starling.  With a real-world understanding of NetSuite’s capabilities they wanted to share their experiences and help other companies enhance their own capabilities.
Since then we have worked with dozens of firms to start or enhance their NetSuite experience.  We continue to add new team members with a rich variety of NetSuite, operational, financial, IT, and customer service experience.

Why We Do What We Do

It’s simple – passion.
NetSuite is all we do because we are passionate about the power, scale, capability, and extensibility of the platform.  We’re also passionate about the way that business should be conducted.  We’ve learned so much from our experiences in our own small, family-run businesses that should translate to companies of all sizes and industries: treating customers with respect, putting forth your best effort regardless of project size, and a commitment to a true partnership.
We also believe that a firm should be run with integrity.  That’s why we don’t outsource or sub-contract any of our engagements.  We also require that all of our staff achieve NetSuite certification within their first 18 months.

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